Reflejo Animal


“Reflejo Animal” one-woman solo. The performance explored animal/human behaviour through a journey of intergenerational character of a woman’s life. The on-stage performance was developed as part of an independent, long-going and female artist collaborative process. The creative method between the artists looks for ways of working together. “Reflejo animal” explored the notion of “romantic love” in Peruvian society. This concept caused repressive and frustrating experiences for women within the patriarchal system of Peruvian culture. As a response and reaction, the on-stage performance represents a fight for female power and freedom.
Theater directors Nidia Bermejo (2012-13) and Maria del Carmen Gutiérrez (2015), visual artists Ana Rosa Benavides and Hannah Zoe Zingre and composer Adele Fournet (2010-2015).
Reflejo Animal was performed in: Centro Cultural Británico (Lima Peru, 2016), Festival Perú en Escena (Ica- Perú, 2015), Encuentro Andanzas at la PUCP (Lima- Perú, 2015), Latin American Meeting of Researchers on the body (Bogota- Colombia, 2015), La Plazuela de las Artes (Municipal Theater of Lima, 2013) and “teatro de Miércoles” (Patagonia Restaurant, Lima, 2012).


Reflejo Animal

Panparamayo house (2014). Lima, Perú

Andanzas Festival (2015). Lima, Perú

Published by Moyra Silva

Moyra Silva Rodríguez is a Peruvian performing artist and researcher. She holds a BA in performing arts and a contemporary dance diploma. Currently she is an Erasmus Scholarship holder for the MA Choreomundus 2020-2022 (UK, England and Norway). Since 2009 she has worked professionally as dancer and actress with important directors and theaters in her hometown Lima and abroad. From 2010 to 2015 she developed the independent theater group “Panparamayo” and the solo project “Reflejo animal”. In 2012 she started a collaborative duo with composer Adele Fournet “CorpusMedio”. In 2019 in Lima, she was awarded with the ICPNA Theater Festival for her play “Nave” and selected to bPunto de Encuentro, a Programme for independent artists-managers in Perú of Sala de Parto Festival. Abroad she was selected to take part in the Visitors Programme 56. Theatertreffen-2019 by the German Federal Foreign Office and Goethe Institut in Berlin, Germany. In 2020, the experimental performance, "Pirotecnia” was part of “Temporada Alta Festival” in the Alliance Française of Lima and “Nave” was selected for the Performing Arts Festival of Lima- FAE 2020.

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