Reflejo Animal


A one-woman solo exploring animal-human behaviour through an intergenerational journey of three women’s life. “Reflejo animal” adresses “romantic love” in Peruvian society, a concept that caused repressive and frustrating experiences for women within the patriarchal system. As a response and reaction, the on-stage performance represents a fight for female power and freedom.
The on-stage performance had different stages because it was developed through a long-term collaborative creative process with female artists between 2010 and 2015. The creative process between the artists looked for ways of working together.


Theater directors Nidia Bermejo (2012-13) and Maria del Carmen Gutiérrez (2015)

Visual artists Ana Rosa Benavides and Hannah Zoe Zingre

Orignal score by Adele Fournet (2010-2015)

Reflejo Animal was performed in: Centro Cultural Británico (Lima Peru, 2016), Festival Perú en Escena (Ica- Perú, 2015), Encuentro Andanzas at la PUCP (Lima- Perú, 2015), Latin American Meeting of Researchers on the body (Bogota- Colombia, 2015), La Plazuela de las Artes (Municipal Theater of Lima, 2013) and “teatro de Miércoles” (Patagonia Restaurant, Lima, 2012).

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