Bailar la propia

Tremenda cultural centre. Lima, Peru, 2018-2019. A workshop to explore, discover and enjoy a personal movement. The participants guide through different instructions to trigger imagination and awaken our body awareness. The dance experience is intergenerational and can be adapted depending on the group’s specific needs. This experience aims to enjoy and feel free to moveContinue reading “Bailar la propia”

Reflejo Animal

2010-2015 “Reflejo Animal” one-woman solo. The performance explored animal/human behaviour through a journey of intergenerational character of a woman’s life. The on-stage performance was developed as part of an independent, long-going and female artist collaborative process. The creative method between the artists looks for ways of working together. “Reflejo animal” explored the notion of “romanticContinue reading “Reflejo Animal”

Yoggaton shaking intersections

August, 2021 This interview was made during my first semester of Choreomundus Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage for the course Fieldwork, archive and digitalisation. The MA program is framed on dance anthropology and ethnology. The students from all over the world are encouraged to reflect and learn how dances and movement practices influence,Continue reading “Yoggaton shaking intersections”

tricoter et danser/ woven dance

November, 2021. Clermont-Ferrand, France. A movement exploration session inspired by handcraft action to experience ways of dancing together. All the participants, as threads, intertwined by dancing and becoming together. They created knots between them, woven and unwoven a personal and collective dance. As anthropologist Tim Ingold points out, knots have memory and the heart isContinue reading “tricoter et danser/ woven dance”


2020 Quito, Ecuador- Lima, Perú During the Balao Creacion residency, I developed the first phase of exploration of“𝐮𝐧𝐀𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐟𝐚”.An interdisciplinary one-person piece, which is a manifesto for writing the other story. A (hi) story composed of narratives that reside in the body, memories, oral narratives and culinary recipes. The heritage moves invisibly within us, flowing, sometimesContinue reading “unAchifa”

ellas dónde están

2020 Lima, Perú “Cada dos horas una mujer adulta, adolescente o niña es reportada como desaparecida en el Perú”, cálculo reportado por la Defensoría del Pueblo en su reporte de Julio de 2020. Durante el confinamiento doméstico obligatorio, a causa de la pandemia global, un virus antiguo y mortal  ha seguido en aumento,  cobrando víctimasContinue reading “ellas dónde están”

Caer es una forma · Falling is a form

2017Festival FITLÂ Lima, Perú An original idea by CorpusMedio Directed/performed by Moyra Silva Sound/film edited by Adele Fournet This piece began as a long-distance conversation between Moyra and Adele about the artistic work and the death of the Cuban-North American artist Ana Mendieta. Throughout an entire year they kept a collaborative investigation going based onContinue reading “Caer es una forma · Falling is a form”