2019 / XXIV Theater Festival North American-Peruvian Cultural Institute/ Lima, Perú

 “Nave” an experimental theater play to explore an absence feeling of rituals in my family, ancentral ties and identity in Lima. I started from my familiar history, in a laboratory process with my maternal grandmother, Oma Iris.The initial question was what would be left of her in me when she will die? By this way the project explored the cuts of information and the transmission of stories and experiences that make up our identity.
In the process, I explored different ways to communicate without using words because she is losing her hearing sense. I sought to maintain communication through physical contact (hands and hugs), imitating ourselves (mirror exercise) and dancing without music. I filmed her as she was talking to me, all these records became my documentation and material, I created a visual and sound file. Myself research is not looking for a voyeuristic desire regarding, I look for trigger others own subjectivity through mine. How through an individual experience, these body memories create connections and could be part of others? In a country as Peru, where citizens are the result of the process of migration and crossbreeding between Natives, Asian, African and Europeans, identity is an ongoing construction it is important to accept that we have many ways to tell our (his) story, combine word between history (academic) and story (individual), in which dance, music, grandma stories, anecdotes and food play an important role. In Lima, the capital city of Perú, most of the population is a result of migration from the other provinces, this caused unrooted familiar constructions, shaped with secrets and incomplete stories. As born and raised Limeña, who grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories, imagination became a way to construct my identity. My Oma has been medium that connects me with the past, her father came from China and died when she was 6 years old.
Nave is a scenic experience of interaction with space, organic materials, installation pieces and movement. The theater room is a simulation space, divided into zones, where the audience is guided to active the performance. In this way the work proposes a change of roles and perception about what can be a theatrical experience to question ourselves about: How do memories allow us to create our identity? What links us to the city where we live: data information, experiences, food, people?What would a social system be based on our senses or perceptions before our thoughts or words?

Winner play of XXIV Theatre Festival ICPNA 2019


Original concept, directed and written: Moyra Silva

Direction and Dramaturgy Assistance: Mayra Barraza

Production: Ivette Palomino

Music Composition and Sound Editing: Adele Fournet

Photography: Gabriela Concha

Video Editing: Adele Fournet / Gabriela Concha

Art Design and Scenography: Moyra Silva

Animation: Yitzhak Fowks

Lighting tech: Christiano Jara

Reel Editing: Loko Pérez

Cast: Alejandra Bendezú / Daniel Cano /
Loreta Durán / Adele Fournet / Moyra Silva



2019 / XXIV Festival de Teatro del Instituto Peruano Norteamericano/ Lima, Perú

“Nave” es una obra de teatro experimental que explora las relaciones de herencia e identidad en Lima. El punto de partida del proyecto fue explorar sobre los cortes de información y la transmisión de historias y vivencias que conforman nuestra identidad, en un proceso de laboratorio entre la directora y su abuela materna.

Nave es una experiencia escénica de interacción con el espacio, materias orgánicas, piezas de instalación y movimiento.  La sala de teatro es un espacio de simulación, dividido en zonas, donde la audiencia es guiada para activar la obra. De esta manera la obra propone un cambio de roles y de percepción sobre lo que puede ser una experiencia teatral para cuestionarnos sobre: ¿Cómo los recuerdos  nos permite crear nuestra identidad? ¿Qué nos vincula con la ciudad en la vivimos, la información como datos, las vivencias, la comida, las personas?  ¿Cómo sería un sistema social basado en nuestros sentidos o percepciones antes que nuestros pensamientos o las palabras?

Obra ganadora del premio para la producción 2019


Idea original, dirección y dramaturgia: Moyra Silva

Dirección y Asistencia Dramatúrgica: Mayra Barraza

Producción: Ivette Palomino

Composición musical y edición de sonido: Adele Fournet

Fotografía: Gabriela Concha

Edición de video: Adele Fournet /Gabriela Concha

Diseño de Arte y Escenografía: Moyra Silva

Animación: Aves de Yitzhak

Técnico de luces: Christiano Jara

Edición de trailer: Loko Pérez

Elenco: Alejandra Bendezú/Daniel Cano/
Loreta Durán/Adele Fournet/Moyra Silva

Published by Moyra Silva

Moyra Silva Rodríguez is a Peruvian performing artist and researcher. She holds a BA in performing arts and a contemporary dance diploma. Currently she is an Erasmus Scholarship holder for the MA Choreomundus 2020-2022 (UK, England and Norway). Since 2009 she has worked professionally as dancer and actress with important directors and theaters in her hometown Lima and abroad. From 2010 to 2015 she developed the independent theater group “Panparamayo” and the solo project “Reflejo animal”. In 2012 she started a collaborative duo with composer Adele Fournet “CorpusMedio”. In 2019 in Lima, she was awarded with the ICPNA Theater Festival for her play “Nave” and selected to bPunto de Encuentro, a Programme for independent artists-managers in Perú of Sala de Parto Festival. Abroad she was selected to take part in the Visitors Programme 56. Theatertreffen-2019 by the German Federal Foreign Office and Goethe Institut in Berlin, Germany. In 2020, the experimental performance, "Pirotecnia” was part of “Temporada Alta Festival” in the Alliance Française of Lima and “Nave” was selected for the Performing Arts Festival of Lima- FAE 2020.

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