In the movement

A dance multimedia performance

Directed by Lenora Lee Dance | San Francisco | US

In the Movementis a heartfelt and explosive dance piece focusing on separation of families and mass detention of immigrants as forms of incarceration. It serves as a meditation on reconciliation and restorative justice, speaking to the power of individuals and communities to transcend.

World Premiere of “In the Movement” September 1-11, 2022

Review: Lenora Lee Dance – In the Movement, ODC Theater San Francisco by Jen Norris

‘Moyra Silva Rodriguez, with fists clenched, performs a powerful solo. At one point she performs a handstand flip, perhaps a metaphor for the ways in which immigrants are forced to contort themselves to fit in’


La rabia

Short film

Written and directed by Adriana Alvarez Alexander | Cinematography: Fernando Vega | Cast: Alberick Garcia, Moyra Silva, Andre Silva and Delfina Paredes.

Produced by Del Barrio Producciones


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Ubu Rey

Theatre Play

Based on original text by Alfred Jarry

Directed by Daniel Amaru Silva and Rodrigo Chávez

Lima (PE)

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Como el agua

A theatre dance play for babies

Directed by Ana Chung

Teatro La Plaza Joven

Lima (PE)

Video teaser


Encierros: Theatre Gallery

Immersive theatre play

Directed by Claudia Ruiz and Mayra Barraza

Casa de la Creatividad

Lima (PE)



“Gali Galapago”

A children theatre-dance play.

Directed and choreographed by Mirella Carbone.

Theatre of the Pacific University

Lima (PE)


‘Cine Eden’

Theatre play

Based on original texts by Marguerite Duras.

Directed by Alberto Isola.

Alianza Francesa Theatre of Miraflores.

Lima (PE)